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Taxes, Data, and Bombs | December 1, 2017

Last week saw a rise in volatility. It came during a week where markets surged substantially. Was the surge founded and volatility should calm down? Or will volatility increase from a market move in the other direction? Market data for the week was strong. Home prices rose steadily over the…
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The Turkey Trade | November 24, 2017

The markets surged on the holiday shortened week. Was this due to low volume and vacations or was there truly a reason for the surge? Economic Data For the most part economic data was strong last week. The most notable was a surge in existing home sales (making up 90%…
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The Tax Trade | November 17, 2017

The week was little changed when you look at the open on Monday and the close on Friday. There is more to it when you look at how tax reform moved the markets. The lack of movement is a bit deceiving, however, as markets ebbed and flowed on news related…
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Not So Smart Money | November 10, 2017

Markets have surged over the past year on the back of strong earnings, subdued inflation, and the hope of fiscal and financial reform. Earnings As markets continue to set new all-time highs each week, investor support has yet to wane. In the last several weeks, third quarter earnings have been…
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Around We Go! | November 4, 2017

Trip Around the Globe

There was meaningful activity from every corner of the globe last week. It all translated into markets gains for the week, but not without concerns… US In the US we saw modest growth as the GOP released the proposed tax reform that they intend to pass before Thanksgiving. More impactful…
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