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Fed in Focus

The year started with great promise and has so far delivered. Can it keep progressing at this pace?   The year started with promise in the way of a fully aligned government focused on fiscal stimulus. There was hope of tax reform, financial deregulation, healthcare reform, and infrastructure spending. Everyone…
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Economic Peak? | May 19, 2017

Last week saw a return to volatility briefly as the Dow Jones experienced the largest losses for the year. Behind the scenes though, something was happening and economic growth appears to be re-accelerating… or was this the peak? Re-acceleration? Soft economic indicators have been expanding over the past six months….
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3 Opportunities | May 12, 2017

Markets have been reaching all-time highs while volatility reaches all-time lows.  Finding growth opportunities in the current market environment can be challenging.  Here are three areas of opportunity in the current environment. International Equities:  Weakness in the € and ¥ last year have translated into more competitive international companies.  Earnings are beginning…
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