We manage Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds in a macro portfolio strategy. Advisory services are offered at a reasonable cost, ranging between 0.65% and 1.5%.  Services include quarterly reviews, monthly analysis, and weekly insights.

When tailoring your investment portfolio:

  • We select quality investment vehicles from a variety of providers ensuring optimum fund management across asset classes.
  • We apply a forward-looking philosophy for the ever-changing macro-economic environment.
  • We consider your risk tolerance and collaborate with you to understand how you plan on utilizing your assets over time.

When building a portfolio, it is essential that we have a strong understanding of your risk tolerance, as well as how you plan on utilizing your assets over time. This allows us to customize your portfolio to your specific circumstances and needs. By providing a full financial analysis of your assets today and in the future, we are able to give advice on a wide variety financial topics as well as build a unique portfolio for your specific situation and desired outcomes.

When managing your investment assets:

  • We conduct monthly analysis of your portfolio and communicate any recommended changes to your overall allocation.
  • We meet with you quarterly, where we welcome collaboration and open discussion allowing us to stay apprised of any major life, economic, and planning changes.

*Financial Action, Inc. does not provide legal or tax advice, we provide guidance and recommend professionals to complete these aspects of your financial plan.