4 Benefits of a SEP IRA

When you are self-employed, you have several options in tax sheltered retirement plans. Here are 4 key benefits of using a SEP IRA: First, you may defer income at...

Solo 401k


3 Benefits of a Solo 401(k)

When you are self-employed, you have several options in tax sheltered retirement plans. Here are 3 key benefits of using a Solo 401(k), also known as an Individual 401(k):...

Traditional IRA


3 Keys to a Traditional IRA

As a long time funding option, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs also known as individual retirement arrangements) evolved in recent years to become more practical. Here are a few key...

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3 Keys to a ROTH IRA

Even though ROTH IRAs have been around since 1997, many people still do not utilize this valuable option. Here are three key reasons you should consider a ROTH IRA:...

Life Insurance


The Life Insurance Hack

Frequently, we misuse life insurance. Many people, for example, will look at it as a way to save for retirement. While it is true that life insurance can provide...


4 Social Security Considerations

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash This is not your parent’s Social Security!  Tread lightly before pulling the trigger.  Here are four considerations before deciding on the timing for...


How Much Should I Put in My 401(k)

The question of how much should be put into your 401K is a kin to how much should I be putting towards retirement. How much to put into a...


3 Keys to Retirement Planning

  Retirement planning should not be taken lightly. Consider for a moment having to go back to work years after retiring, but having to take a minimum wage position...


3 Keys to Education Planning

  A college education has moved from being a difference maker to being a pre-requisite for a career in most fields. The problem becomes the insurmountable debt that the...


4 Reasons to Start Financial Planning Today

  Planning for your financial future is often that thing that you know you need to do, but no one enjoys. Many people feel fear of not being able...