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2008: Financial Supernova

Everyone felt the pain of 2008, however, the long term effects of the financial crisis may only now be coming into focus… Financial markets have behaved much like the life cycle of a Supergiant Star: Disclaimer, I am in finance not astronomy… Nebula (Molecular cloud) compressing on itself to form…
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Just Below The Surface

For months now we have watched plummeting oil prices make inflation less and less of a concern. Has it turned the corner and created a scary situation for the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) that they need to address? No, but it does appear that it will be coming sometime in…
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The Big Bank Cut

The big bank environment has been marred by ‘too big to fail’ and now the very process that saved our financial system may begin the downfall of large national banks. Two fronts are now threatening the ‘big bank’ as it sits today. First, persistent low interest rates and second, the…
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