Persist or Pause? | January 22, 2021

Markets rose last week but faded as the days wore on. Can the strength persist or is there reason for a pause? Monday Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!...


Leading Indicator Watch | Jan. 22, 2021

Housing for December rose to closeout the year and the S&P 500 is off to a positive gain in the new year with volatility down from the previous week....


Soft Patch | January 15, 2021

It was a soft patch in the market last week. Will it continue or was sentiment more temporal? Monday Markets opened the week down. Growth momentum stocks pulled back...


Leading Indicator Watch | January 8, 2021

Lots to unpack from the leading indicators for Jan. 8, 2021. Please review my notes at https://ffsinv.com/indicators-1-8-21/ and look at the daily economic breakdown in Market Thoughts this week.


Sustainable Gains? | January 08, 2021

Last week was a busy week that led to gains. Is it sustainable looking to the rest of January? Monday Focus very quickly shifted from what could be, to...


Year in Review | January 1, 2021

The year ended strong. Here is a review of the week, but also, what is in store for January and the rest of 2021? Monday The week opened with...


Leading Indicator Watch | December 31, 2020

A light bit of reporting for the weekly leading indicators to close the year: The S&P 500 closed the year up 16.26%; while Initial Jobless Claims were down from...


Leading Indicator Watch | December 24, 2020

Housing fell from the previous month and missed expectations, Core Durable Goods Orders, Consumer Confidence and Sentiment are also down. Let’s take a look at the other leading indicators...


The Santa Rally | December 25, 2020

The Santa Claus rally is underway. Will it deliver through the end of the year? Monday The week got off to a rough start. Markets were down nearly 2%...


Leading Indicator Watch | December 18, 2020

Core Retail Sales dropped for November and Initial Jobless Claims rose again for the week. Visit Market Thoughts at https://ffsinv.com/category/market-thoughts/ for my weekly detailed take on the markets and...