Leading Indicator Watch | May 1, 2020

As I write Market Thoughts this week, we should take a look at the leading indicators from last week. Unemployment continues to headline market activity, but hopefully, as some...


Bears Are Still Here | April 24, 2020

Markets shed 1.3% last week for the first weekly loss in April. Is this the bears reminding us that they are still here, or is there more to be...

Bear Market?


Leading Indicator Watch | April 24, 2020

Ahead of Market Thoughts, let’s take a sneak peek at the leading indicators! Click here to see my notes and stay tuned for Market Thoughts. ~ Your Financial Future…...


Strength and Weakness | April 17, 2020

Strength and weakness were plentiful last week. Somehow though, the markets found room to move up.


Leading Indicator Watch | April 17, 2020

As I write Market Thoughts this week, here are some economic indicators that caught my attention. Click here to view the latest insights on economic activity and stay...


Sustainable Rally? | April 9, 2020

The global rally continued last week. Is it sustainable and are we out of the bear market?


Leading Indicator Watch | April 9, 2020

With the markets closed on Friday, we have a short week of reporting for our leading indicators. That said, the S&P 500 left a gain for the week, the...


Corona Saga | April 3, 2020

New Hope After three phases of stimulus amounting to nearly $2.3T, there is hope of yet another stimulus package. Yes, that was a T! The phase four deal, to...


Leading Indicator Watch | April 3, 2020

Unemployment topped our leading indicator watch for the second week in a row as initial jobless claims set a record high and the U6 Unemployment Rate for March is...


Bear Volatility | March 27, 2020

Markets roared back last week from the lows of the current bear market. Is the surge just further volatility or a sign of the end of the route?