Leading Indicator Watch | July 10, 2020

As I write Market Thoughts this week, here are some economic indicators that caught my attention last week. Click here to view the latest insights on our economy. Tune...


Push the Needle | July 3, 2020

Markets expanded for the holiday shortened week. Strong fundamentals pushed the needle, but does the forecast look bright? Monday Volatility overnight Sunday subsided to a clear upward trend for...


Leading Indicator Watch | July 2, 2020

Before I publish Market Thoughts, let’s look at the leading economic indicators that caught my eye. Please click here to view my notes and stay tuned for Market Thoughts.


Coming Storm? | June 26, 2020

Markets fell last week as COVID cases rose and Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) actions stand to restrict banks. Do these short-term factors indicate a coming storm? Monday Markets advanced...


Leading Indicator Watch | June 26, 2020

A weekly update of #stockmarket and #domestic economic activity. We’ll get lost in the weeds in Market Thoughts tomorrow, but for now, here are some economic indicators that caught...


Markets Diverge | June 19, 2020

Concerns have been increasing, as have the markets. When will this new correlation diverge? Monday Markets opened with a bang as they were off 2% at the open! Concern...


Leading Indicator Watch | June 19, 2020

The economy is showing some signs of re-opening from the COVID-19 environment in Core Retail Sales, Building Permits, and Housing Starts, but Unemployment numbers are only marginally improving from...


Is The Worst Behind Us? | June 12, 2020

Is the worst behind us, or was the market fall last week indicative of the start of a new volatility increase? Monday OPEC + extended their production cuts which...


Leading Indicator Watch | June 12, 2020

Volatility is on the rise in the markets this week. I’ll break it all down in Market Thoughts! For now, let’s look at the Leading Indicators to get an...


Driving Hope Or Data? | June 5, 2020

Hope or data? What is driving the markets within shot of their all-time highs just months after being down 34%? Monday Markets rose for the day as ISM Manufacturing...