Life of the Party | February 15, 2019

Last week’s article was littered with Negative Nancy’s. This week, many of them have become the life of the party. At least for now… Government Shutdown A shutdown was...



Leading Indicator Watch | February 15, 2019

Before I publish Market Thoughts this week, here are some economic indicators that caught my eye.  Click here to view my latest insights on economic activity and how the...

Negative Nancy


Negative Nancy | February 8, 2019

Last week was marred by negativity at several levels. Everywhere you turned it looked like there was a Negative Nancy… Government Shutdown 2019, 2.0 Negotiations throughout last week were...

Leading Indicator Watch


Leading Indicator Watch | February 8, 2019

As I write Market Thoughts this week, here are some economic indicators that caught my attention.  Click here to download the latest insights on economic activity and how they...

A Dovish Climb


A Dovish Climb | February 1, 2019

Last week was a busy week and markets liked it. Between favorable earnings reports and a dovish Federal Reserve Board (FRB), markets continued their climb. Corporate Earnings The week...

Unemployment and Consumer Confidence


Leading Indicator Watch | February 1, 2019

Mixed reviews coming out of Unemployment data and CB Consumer Confidence as unemployment rose 4% in response to the governnment shutdown and consumer confidence slipped from 126.6 to 120.2...

Central Bank Quandary


Central Bank Quandary | January 25, 2019

For a decade, Central Banks have been responding to an unprecedented financial meltdown. They are stuck in a quandary that appears to have no end. While nearing 10 years...



Leading Indicator Watch | January 25, 2019

In reviewing the Leading Indicators this week, Housing stands out:  Existing home sales fell 6.4% to 4.99M while home prices increased by 5.8% year over year through November.  View the...

Major Concerns?


Major Concerns? | January 18, 2019

Markets rose last week for the fourth straight week. Did markets gloss over major concerns? The January Effect This most recent surge brought the S&P 500 performance above 6%...

Leading Indicator Watch


Leading Indicator Watch | January 18, 2019

In summing up the Leading Indicator Watch this week, I’d be burying the lede if I didn’t at least mention:  The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment fell to 90.7...