Good Or Bad News? | September 3, 2021

A bad jobs report was delivered on Friday. Is it good news or bad news for the Market? Monday Markets opened the week on a strong note. The S&P...


Leading Indicator Watch | December 4, 2020

Before I publish Market Thoughts, let’s look at the leading indicators that caught my attention last week. Click here to download the latest insights on economic activity. Look for Market Thoughts tomorrow!

Unemployment and Consumer Confidence


Leading Indicator Watch | Dec. 6, 2019

Markets were turbulent last week. What indicators moved through all the swings? Find out here, in our Leading Indicator Watch.

Retail Consumer Sentiment


Leading Indicator Watch | Nov. 8, 2019

Much of the data last week supported the strength in the market. Review our Leading Indicator Watch here.



Leading Indicator Watch | September 6, 2019

Before I publish Market Thoughts this week, here are some economic indicators that caught my attention.  Click here to download the latest insights on economic activity and how they are impacting...